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Major Ryan McGuirk and Captain Steve Crosby-Jones, both serving British Army officers, in the Corps of Royal Engineers. Two typical Army officers, it is fair to say they are at their happiest when out in the elements; cold, wet and exhausted. There careers have exposed us to excitement, adventure and great camaraderie. But we’ve also faced our challenges; both personal and professional. They both seen family and close friends battling cancer, as well as  friends and comrades who have sustained life-changing injuries - physical and mental - in the service of their country. 

Their epic challenge: 

To scale the three highest peaks in the British Isles at a run/walk/crawl (probably in that order), and cycle the 500 miles between them...all in less than 46.5 hours, which would be a new record. In total, this epic expedition is 525 miles.


See more information about them and there Challenge or to donate to there worthy cause. Visit there website


Shop Rides
We offer two weekly road rides, these are typically around an hour and a half (or roughly 30 miles) and start from the shop. We aim for a brisk pace but hope to maintain a friendly, social atmosphere. Currently we have a Wednesday evening ride, which leaves at 6:00 PM; and a Saturday morning ride which starts at 8:00 AM. Refreshments at the shop after each ride!

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